@wisheart12 I can’t help but think that his pal T rump’s foreign policy is designed to put max pressure on the EU- Erdo threatening 6 million refugees should do it.. it’s just too timely to be a coincidence isn’t it? I do have a good imagination, but wouldn’t put anything past them
@TheJohnSenning It's not a coincidence that every respected general or Secretary of State or White House staffer that has left has all not just said bad things but they all match that he has the intelligence of a third grader and is cruel to every person around him
Tucker Speaks With Ex-NBC Producer On How Mossad Allegedly Tapped His Phones to Cover For Weinstein - https://t.co/iKtbDPHnbZ No doubt it's just a coincidence that Mossad is connected to both Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein!
we all know that literally nothing is ever a coincidence when it comes to Bangtan so you may be onto something significant here 👁👄👁 https://t.co/Tt7rlNS2Fr
@TheNorthernWeeb Is it a coincidence that I have the same ability as my wife? No. This is destiny.
@bennyjohnson @TPUSA @charliekirk11 @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that this is how it looks now.....kinda like just about every time there’s a pro-Conservative/anti-liberal article that won’t open. https://t.co/1fsRD4wtDd
@bingpot21 @BBPHthethird @nkemjikamadukwe @thehill Except shes a biological man and has the advantages linked to that... it's no coincidence that there are many biological men dominating womens sports while no biological women dominating mens sports. The whole reason we have separate sports is for that reason...
@MrMasonMills Does Corbyn not realise that No Deal cannot be taken off the table as it is written into Article 50 as the default position, in case we're don't get a deal with the EU. AND strangely we cant get a deal through and Brexit Day is next week......... what a coincidence!
starting to think it’s not just a coincidence that I’m getting sick much more often during my writing up period! this is all very stressful!!!
it cant be a coincidence that EVERYONE (literally everyone) i stan r the beagle cutie in the group this is so bad for my well being i cant stand these cuties [REST.]
@emilyfreas @OublietteNoire @tifafanaccount Yes the food system is so complex and so over productive and so wasteful that no single element could take it out. A genuine food crisis would require the coincidence of multiple incredibly strong events, it’s true.
@CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump Is it a coincidence that Rudy quit tweeting?
@CfcHardy @joshclarke7 @ellen_coyle @SkyNewsBreak @ashleybamber Some guy makes a comment that is often a racist dogwhistle, on a thread which had a bunch of very anti-immigrant comments, in an islamaphobic time, and you expect me to believe that it's just a coincidence because you say so?
@zarry_trash @LaBonVie1 @ZarryDose @jade1997uiui @zarrysbedroom @Woolf_boy_ + a few months after Z got engaged and then again right around the time Z got with Gigi. Which is totally coincidence and i assume very awkward. My only 🤔🤔about it is ..kendall was cool with him seeing other women while they were together?? Why were people saying that they ++
It’s hardly a coincidence that Trump hastily pulled out of Syria and a week later Putin is calling the shots. #TrumpIsARussianPuppet #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies https://t.co/N2vVQtavRE
this might just be a coincidence and that i'm reading into it too much but i was thinking about how the gang texts is supposed to be about communication and the promo pics they posted on instagram yesterday are just of mac and dennis .. 👁👁
Off once said; Tae: A couple items? Off: A couple items? It's just a coincidence that being a couple items. All: Awwwww Arnon: If this is a show, We have to add a caption "Must be fate" #นี่ไม่ใช่ชุดคู่นะ #ThisIsNotACoupleOutfit #OffGun #ออฟกัน https://t.co/Bf3JBXVH7I
@RivoluzioneInt2 That's why I think it is not a coincidence that Milano keep refusing us to build our own stadium. I don't believe in coincidence. I don't believe that city doesn't want €1,2 billion investments just because of "child memories of the historic stadium".
@John_F_Kennnedy April 26 1999 they renamed it. 3 months later on the 16th of July,well we know what day that is. Coincidence? Then 9/11 two years after that and that being a dark magic ritual. Was it the start to set up for Obama & Hillary?
@JamesBlunt Is it a coincidence that an advert for hearing aids appears in an @esquire piece about your musical career? https://t.co/MFsbiaZHSd