like idk it’s not a coincidence that seventeen is both able to keep an v dedicated fanbase but also have a lot of people casually interested in them in a way that i feel like you don’t see as much with bgs whether or not you keep up with their activities they’re just so feel good
I just found out that Bulma’s birthday is the same as mine. It’s a funny coincidence
@matthewfederman If the Narrative allows for it and it just happens to be based on a person. I think that is total coincidence. 🤣🤣
is it a coincidence that he ONLY would not like to see the two POCs win? i’d like to see his daughter excuse his blatant racism now. cliff is vile and you all only excuse it bc he is an underdog smdh! #bb21 https://t.co/sS0QJsovDC
My name is Robin. Oh, and that was YOUR name as well, wasn't it? What a strange coincidence...
@SnarkedUpLawyer ...or being ahead by 5 points after the 1st quarter of an NBA game. Begala probably knows more about TX politics than almost anyone, a Longhorn X 2, both undergrad and law school; it is probably is no coincidence that he is not playing that Beto ought to run for the Senate game.
@JayMedina @SDCGO2A @ArmedEquality @ACLU #OpenCarry is the Second Amendment. It is not a coincidence that #cocksuckers in particular, and the mentally ill in general, oppose the Second Amendment right & the Heller decision which held that concealed carry is not a right and held the mentally ill do not have #2A rights. https://t.co/rb9ElX6O7k
Reminders come from everywhere... Are you always giving 💯 %? It’s not a coincidence that #Attitude is 💯 % So are you a #CanDo ? #MondayMotivaton #ThoughtOfTheDay #ThoughtForTheDay #MindFit Thanks to @efipm for finding the Coincidence or Not picture. https://t.co/jjXBlOkylW
@ozsultan @RealthingUlli @Turki_AlOwerde @Hessian_Mohd @Biotchinvestor @awomanreveals @JCordes13 @Cernovich @Imamofpeace @_T_HR_ @sunlight012 @HNI87 @KateStewart22 @blueabaya @ThePrinceOf2030 @MAK20301 @RealSarahIdan @Dalia30 @muqaibel The Ikhwan he invited in from Egypt. All of that is not a coincidence. Whenever Salafis push flawed ideology it's always a problem. But they aren't the ones getting involved in politics or sponsoring ISIS.
@ednuance It’s not a coincidence that his superhero name is Aquanus😤😤😤
#bradsherman BDS is not about Israel. BDS is about Apartheid. It is a coincidence that Israel is the last Apartheid state. #
@AJIOLife hey Got a message for the pickup that I had already cancelled but still it went ahead and scheduled a pickup , but for other items that I want to return is still pending , is it coincidence or something fishy? RT13718881
@andreven00 @RealAlisonPoole @SpaghettiKozak Right. And going on from there to attack conservatives was just a coincidence, right? Again, defending terrorists on the basis that all their victims have survived so far is not moral high ground. Now please quit pretending you didn’t say what you said. It’s painfully cringey.
@HotepJesus I am convinced that it's no coincidence that Antifa is so active in Portland, the whitest city in America. They are unable to relate to black people in a normal way and the guilt is making them insane.
I find it interesting that the only two things that will love you unconditionally is GOD and your Dog. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence they are spelled with the same three letters. They both love you even when you’re unlovable. https://t.co/Sxfcjh2S6r
Just a coincidence. Keep pretending that it is all not real. https://t.co/X1tnrXLpXz
@GhilDirthalen @theexaltedmarch Do you think so many people leaving is always a coincidence? Do you think it says more about the company than the actual game? Do you think it means nothing at all? Do you think it could be a sign of something but we just don't have enough information to determine what that is?
@LibyaLiberty I think it's more plausible to read qaeda generally as "foundation" (that is the name of Asimov's series but probably a coincidence). I doubt bin Laden ever explained the meaning but my guess is it refers to the foundation of a movement.
AND it's good to wear Peridot on your index finger and years ago I bought one specifically for that finger.. am I a witch or is this just coincidence??? Probably both
is it just a coincidence that lately i’ve been thinking bout them seeing each other & their old memories...