@Suzi3D @MaxBlumenthal This article shows how most of the Tulsi Gabbrd smear pieces have ties to Omidyar. Maybe It's just a coincidence. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this article. https://t.co/7WBADw6LFB
@MargaretClancy That's the cover story, it is not a coincidence that jussie I was seeing at every Democrat event with Kamala Harris Cory Booker and Maxine Waters right before the lynching bill was presented to Congress. Democrats always are calculated in what they do. Always using race and sex
@OnWithLogic Her or her twin/clone? That’s kind of where we’re at, by the way, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. This is Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe. Please tell me this is just a coincidence and I’ll show you 1000 more examples. https://t.co/3V3LhFmMVm
@Mimirocah1 C'mon folks, this was a random coincidence, nobody can be so stupid so as to imply the judge is being targeted for assassination by Stone or anyone else. Stone wouldn't dare do that on purpose, because he's at huge risk of a long jail sentence as it is. Wake up, people.
@CarolNdosi It's a strange coincidence that I'm reading about the same subject. I think at the heart of Ngugi's quote is schooling/education for any society. Sometimes I wonder if we (in #Tanzania) understand what democracy really entails, albeit its different forms (direct, anarchic etc).
A coincidence I think not the thing is lynching was not just the terrible things that were done to African-Americans it was done to Indians, Mexicans white people ,every race under the sun has been lynched yes more BS from Kamala Harris quit drinking the Kool-Aid America. https://t.co/EfSRW5mY4B
@BustTheNotes @TheYoungTurks Oh so it’s just a coincidence that your timeline is 100% pro Russia and you retweet all the bot messages. Got it. LOL 😂🤣😂😁😄😁🤪🤣🤣👍😎😆🤪🤣😂😅 https://t.co/INLRnmzaEy
Lol it's happened with Jojos Steins Gate Madoka I'm sure there are more but in short, this is a coincidence that I have a love/hate relationship for.
@paulg I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Facebook is plaintext too. Plaintext lost the email battle (badly) but won the war.
Is it narcissistic that I’m only close with people that have the same personality as me or is it a coincidence?🤔👀
@BreakingNLive I can’t stop thinking what a total DUMBASS he is?? It’s the STUPIDEST story I’ve EVER heard, from the “get go”! Coincidence that @KamalaHarris and @CoryBooker did the “no lynching” bill? Oh, I think not! Trust me there Jussie, they won’t have your back either!😂
@renato_mariotti No one is that stupid, even Roger Stone. This is not a threat at all, just a coincidence. Please folks, it's RANDOM.
it ain't a coincidence that the girl in an extremely goofy movie is a redhead
Hey @ITalkFortnite I just realized something. In today’s video you said that brute bomber wasn’t in the item shop or a couple of months. Fast forward a couple hours and it is in featured? Coincidence?
@alexsalvinews @OANN Probably a coincidence that it was a District Court in the 9th Circuit...but eventually it ends with SCOTUS. And if nothing else @realDonaldTrump is trying to fix a problem unlike the Democrats that create problems.
@possumblossoms is it any coincidence Stuart Little is also a bitch any animal with the last name little sucks ass that's my theory
@LutzKeith if you think it was a coincidence the fight got moved to Cali cris hometown you clearly havent attended a live cris fight that is cris house do i need to break out the video feed from 214?
@momo_alam @netflix Yeah thats what I heard the rumour is as well.. it cant be a coincidence that netflix cancelled all of the MCU series back to back.. i read somewhere it’s not confirmed yet that Disney will even give these shows a reboot.. but i have my 🤞🏽 that they will.. especially the punisher
@sensitive_af There’s no freaking way that I’m ever gonna fathom / believe this shit!!!! It’s just crazy, the coincidence is freaking too much. There’s definitely a few manipulations behind this.