Something feels odd/fishy, some of my mutuals including me have an anon that has a crush on us? What's fishy is that it's literally all out of a sudden and it happened at close periods, there's no way it's a coincidence.
Is it a coincidence that a new, muscular Sonic the Hedgehog is revealed the same day the ripped kangaroo dies? https://t.co/5JCBvu648V
@MattWalshBlog Wake up. This whole gender confusion thing has to do w/ #BaphometAndrogyny agenda Your statement is a realization that they're succeeding. Whether or not you or any of them admit it, whether it's a coincidence or deliberate deception, the agenda is being implemented & adhered to
@jonathanwatts It is no coincidence, that several environmental organisations have also championed climate policies that are the least burdensome to the energy industry, including designed carbon markets and the use of natural gas as a bridge to a cleaner energy system. https://t.co/llTVEHh18i
@Eklundsays I’m sure it’s no coincidence that section 24 is almost a copy paste of Origen. https://t.co/FFjeUm3aFc
@uriexswift That's not the point you're literally taking our side in the second picture. Sarah is acting like it's Brendons design and like Dallon can't use it. Also you can believe what you want but I find it hard to buy that it was a coincidence she posted it right after the merch came out
TRUTH. There is actually a house on my street that has an in-ground swimming pool, and it has been empty for years. Coincidence? Yes. But it's still a bad thing. https://t.co/tEdT4Elujc
@DeanoMartino1 @AwayFromTheKeys @wiguy45 @JaTapps @EvanLHarris2 @S_A_Malcolm @LeannEAF @ThinkyTexan @Janetb172 @majwal7 @bennyblack1 @vorodecky @garym9999 @odktiger @PaulDubuisson @PainesReason @LadyBleach @DianWChain1 @commonsensejan @jools6691 @Loriniowa @rkdoctr @AngusJames3 @simba_83 @TexasTomm @COL314 @MaryVMos1 @bstrasen @DeniseHilker @harjo111 @vancegt_ @TheWrongQuest @Exoprotein1 @hauxton @LonnieFriesen @Steve50945209 @GreekVikingX @shure46 @SecularByNature @dankmagee @RaccoonSkeptic @AtheistEngineer @ScientiaPercept @Cosmic_Rays @JulieAMcLean @MrBrendanBlack @Conigman @Stroudarian @scerloth The Big Questions Psychology The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics Nobody understands what consciousness is or how it works. Nobody understands quantum mechanics either. Could that be more than coincidence?By Philip Ball 16 February 2017 bbc earth
A truly sinister more from a cameraman, against a man innocently making a peaceful protest against Brexit. Is it much of a coincidence that the cameraman in question works for the BBC? https://t.co/J1QZkfe1bM
@C_doc_911 @YouTube No way that was a coincidence. And he had an answer ready, which implies coordination even that far back. COLLLUSION is a crime (can comprise a constellation of them), common misnomer that it isn't. See last graph. https://t.co/ill68fzRiY
It came up in a conversation once that I would prefer to date someone taller than me. Is it coincidence that you bought up my height and the fact that I'm not THAT much taller than you when we hung out again? Hmmm....very interesting.
@Svge_Queen @industryhigh_ @MuvaCreole @levzolanski @Ladyvee69117983 @slim__lifestyle Kenneth Petty's nickname is zoo! So it's a coincidence that this man has the same exact scar, mole, and nickname?
@FellowGritty @Jollity_Farm Thank you Gritty. And the argument is that the Post did this intentionally? Or the editor did? Or, that this is a coincidence, that they should should have picked up on this, and stopped it? Love the account.
Is it just a coincidence that a pillar in the hide-out where Remi takes here Mum, in @NBCBlindspot this week has 'ASH' on it, short for @AshvsEvilDead which also starred @ItsMichelleHurd One thinks not... nice nod guys. #LeeMajors @GroovyBruce https://t.co/21pIFOVhVW
@HiYourAdorable @FortniteGame I have a theory on it possibly returning (probably nerfed a bit but still), on tier 95-6 ish you get a spray called Pixel Ramirez, and what is she holding? The Drum Gun. I think it's very possible this could be hinting at the guns return (Although that could just be coincidence).
@virgo_power Well, it takes someone with a lot of wisdom and taste to recognise something that is ahead of its time. Thank you so much. ...I happen to be a Virgo. What a coincidence! Thank you for your appreciation of my efforts. I look forward to doing exactly what I planned
@Acire86704224 Or maybe you just like dabbling in misinformation. Otherwise you'd have something to offer besides "look it up for yourself". lol Looking at coincidences as corrolation isn't enough. Now sometimes things that look like a coincidence might not be, but further evidence is needed.
#RWBYRW Do you think it is a coincidence that Maria had two scythes, an that Ruby has a scythe?
It's truly amazing to me the people that still to this day cannot see what is right in front of their face. Proofs have been proven over and over yet people still continue to believe coinkydinks. Nothing is a coincidence, especially when it comes to this. https://t.co/G8KwOgg4Pi
Is it a fucking coincidence this didn’t matter before but now that @fordnation is in I get denied chemo funding even though meds are supposed to be free for my age and it’s covered? Idk what I’m gonna fucking do. This will bankrupt me. I literally need it to live.